Here comes the time of big changes and with them not only the pondering about the current state of the environment we live in, but also the reevaluation of our real needs. E-mobility allows to restrict the negative influence our civilization has on the evironment. It represents the return to clean air, lower noise pollution, and better health of the population. Thanks to the option to produce electric energy from renewable resources, it also leads to independence on fossil fuels and coal plants, which are the scary actors of the truly high-quality life on our planet.

Symbol of the new era

E-mobility is not just the road tro a sustainavle development, even though it is its most important advantage. It is also the symbol of a new era. It is the phenomenon, the trend, the life style of the future. An e-car amazes by its quite engine, easy operation, comfortable equipment, great aerodynamics, and a luxurious experience from the ride. Who tastes once, wants to experience the e-car forever.


An ecar amazes also with its simple construction. It does not have the traditional ICE engine or transmission. We can find in it only several components that can last almost forever. The ICE is composed of hundreds of components that need to be replaced regularly. It is necessary to buy oils, filters, and gas. Their purchase including expensive service and consuming maintenance are not the issue of an e-car.

Low cost

Another advantage is the low-cost operation. Prices of electricity are steadily decreasing and this trend looks like it represents the long-term view. More wind and sun energy is used to produce electricity. Home solar plants are becoming e-cars partners. Thanks to its charging unit, the vehicle can also be intergrated to the energy technology of a house. Batteries can cover more expensive energy tariffs or function as a large-capacity accumulator.

Clean future

The direction is given by the use of renewable resources. Car makers are becoming energy companies. The tech specs of batteries are ever bettering. Call for support are ready for e-car purchases and these types of vehicles are becoming a part of the public transport system thanks to its zero emission operation. The e-car is at everyone´s reach, who cares for the future of our children and those with the sense of social responsibility. No not stay behind!

Project e-Road Pisek – Deggendorf

(Project #93)

The project is focused on the development of e-mobility in the cross-border context of Southern Bohemia and Lower Bavaria. The project will ensure the infrastructure and the operation of the pilot route Pisek – Deggendorf. This route will be connected to the already existing Bavarian infrastructure. At the same time, specific software will be developed to ensure an efficient analysis of the data from the charging stations. Its part will be a mobile app which will allow its users an easy localization, direct booking, and payment options for the charging services.

The main goal of the project is the preparation of a complete concept of e-mobility development namely for the representatives from towns and regions, whi can influence the integration of e-nobility to the strategic documents. The development concept of e-mobility will be prepared based on the analysis of the pilot route Pisek – Deggendorf.

During the project, workshops and educational events will be held and will not be meant only for the administration representatives, but also to the public and other stakeholders of e-mobility (universities, R&D organizations, non-profits, and interest groups). All events will be focused on the promotion of e-mobility, deepening the cooperation in the area of implementing e-mobility solutions, and further creating the development concept.

The idea for this project is in full alignment with an array of national, supranational, and international strategies led by Europe 2020. The project also follows up those of E-Wald, e-Sumava, and the activities of the commission Smart Region Jizni Cechy, whose priority is also the support of clean mobility.

The project financially supported by the European Fund for Regional Development.


Program for Cross-Border Cooperation Freistaat Bayern – Czech Republic ETZ Goal 2014-2020

Priority Axis

Sustainable networks and institutional cooperation

Specific Objective

Reaching a higher level of cross-border integration, harmonization, and cohesion in the Bavarian-Czech region


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31. 8. 2019

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